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As a leader or professional, how much time and energy do you invest in your future? We are only as successful based-off how consistent we train and produce. Professional trainings for students, organizations and business are available in the following areas:

Professional Etiquette in the Workplace,
Investing in YOU
Legacy Building
Are You LinkedIn?
The Entrepreneurship Mindset
The Leader Within
Professional Networking,

Financial Freedom Coach

Julian Smart-Rimple

Julian Smart-Rimple resides in Atlanta, Georgia and he's a global ambassador for youth empowerment and education. As a Creative Consultant and the Founder and President of King Building Development Institute Inc. and Smart Jewelz Enterprises, he continues marketing his speaking and training skills across the U.S.A. and abroad. He is using his talents and gifts to deliver educational and uplifting speeches while training youth/adult audiences on international platforms.

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    Personal Branding 2.0

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    • Jewelz For Thought

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